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Segment 5: Remote sensing infrastructure

Flying Laboratory of Imaging Spectroscopy (FLIS) consists of an airborne carrier and a suite of hyperspectral sensors. Image data could be acquired for selected area of interest by full set of sensors simultaneously as well as by single sensor.

The airborne carrier is a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan with two hatches for imaging RS instruments. The suite of airborne imaging spectroradiometers (hyperspectral system) consist of three sensors produced by the Canadian company ITRES Research Limited (CASI1500, SASI600, TASI600). The passive hyperspectral systems are complemented by active laser scanner LMS Q780 produced by Riegl company. Aircraft is equipped by additional systems which are necessary for top quality data acquisition and processing (e.g. gyrostabilized mount, navigation system).

Airborne infrastructure was broadened in 2020 by UAS system (drone) equipped by hyperspectral sensor Nano-Hyperspec produced by Headwall company and broadband thermal camera Wiris PRO produced by Workswell company. More info about airborne infrastructure you can find at following webpages http://olc.czechglobe.cz/en/ .

Number of  hyperspectral, multispectral and laserscanner datasets were acquired by means of various systems (AISA Eagle, Leica ALS 50, UltraCam Eagle, Riegl LMS Q-680, HyPlant etc.) during activity of remote sensing department. Basic information about available datasets, which can be used for further research is at http://mapserver.czechglobe.cz/.

Dron (Matrix 600Pro) with Ronin MX stabilizer and NANO scanner, which operates at wavelengths of 400-1000 nm.