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Publications with impact factor

The selected impacted publications produced by the infrastructure during 2016–2020:

Assefa, D.; Mentler, A.; Sandén, H.; Rewald, B.; Godbold, D. The Biological Origins of Soil Organic Matter in Different Land-Uses in the Highlands of Ethiopia. Forests 13(4): Article number 560, 2022

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Bárta, V.; Hanuš, J.; Dobrovolný, L.; Homolová, L. Comparison of field survey and remote sensing techniques for detection of bark beetle-infested trees. Forest Ecology and Management 506: Article number 119984, 2022

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Bergamaschi, P.; Segers, A.; Brunner, D.; Haussaire, J.; Henne, S. et al. (Vítková, G.) High-resolution inverse modelling of European CH4 emissions using the novel FLEXPART-COSMO TM5 4DVAR inverse modelling system. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 22(20): 13243-13268, 2022

Blauhut, V.; Stoelzle, M.; Ahopelto, L.; Brunner, I.; Teutschbein, C. et al. (Jakubínský, J.) Lessons from the 2018–2019 European droughts: a collective need for unifying drought risk management. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 22: 2201-2022, 2022

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Brovkina, O.; Navrátilová, B.; Novotný, J.; Albert, J.; Slezák, L.; Cienciala, E. Influences of vegetation, model, and data parameters on forest aboveground biomass assessment using an area-based approach. Ecological Informatics 70: Article number 101754, 2022

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Dařenová, E.; Findurová, H.; Holub, P.; Klem, K. Soil CO2 Efflux Response to Combined Application of Adaptation Technologies, Nitrogen Fertilization, and External Carbon Amendment in Wheat and Barley Field. Frontiers in Environmental Science 10: Article number 920247, 2022

Dlouhý, O.; Karlický, V.; Javornik, U.; Kurasová, I.; Zsiros, O.; Šket, P.; Kanna, S. D.; Kinga, B.; Večeřová, K.; Urban, O. et al. Structural Entities Associated with Different Lipid Phases of Plant Thylakoid Membranes—Selective Susceptibilities to Different Lipases and Proteases. Cells 11(17): Article number 2681, 2022

Vítek, P.; Mishra, K. B.; Mishra, A.; Veselá, B.; Findurová, H.; Svobodová, K.; Oravec, M.; Sahu, P. P.; Klem, K. Non-destructive insights into photosynthetic and photoprotective mechanisms in Arabidopsis thaliana grown under two light regimes. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 281: Article number 121531, 2022

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Korolyova, N.; Buechling, A.; Lieutier, F.; Yart, A.; Cudlín, P.; Turčáni, M.; Jakuš, R. Primary and secondary hostselection by Ips typographus depends on Norway spruce crown characteristics and phenolic-based defenses. Plant Science 999(321): Article number 111319, 2022

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