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Impaktované publikace

Deset nejvýznamějších publikací vytvořených týmem infrastruktury v letech 2015–2018:

1. Castagna, A.; Csepregi, K.; Neugart, S.; Zipoli, G.; Večeřová, K.; et al. (Urban, O.): Environmental plasticity of Pinot noir grapevine leaves: A transEuropean study of morphological and biochemical changes along a 1,500km latitudinal climatic gradient. Plant, Cell and Environment 40: 2790-2805, 2017 (IF = 6,173)

2. Kováč, D.; Malenovský, Z.; Urban, O.; Špunda, V.; Kalina, J.; Ač A.; Kaplan V.; Hanuš J.: Response of green reflectance continuum removal index to the xanthophyll de-epoxidation cycle in Norway spruce needles. Journal of Experimental Botany 64(7): 1817–1827, 2013 (IF = 5,242)

3. Kummerová, M.; Zezulka, Š.; Babula, P.; Tříska, J.: Possible ecological risk of two pharmaceuticals diclofenac and paracetamol demonstrated on a model plant Lemna minor. Journal of Hazardous Materials 302: 351–361, 2016 (IF = 5,641)

4. López-Ballesteros, A.; Beck, J.; Bombelli, A.; Grieco, E.; Krkoška Lorencová, E.; Merbold, L.; Brümmer, C.; Hugo, W.; Scholes, W.; Vačkář, D.; Vermeulen, A.; Acosta, M.; et al.: Towards a feasible and representative pan-African research infrastructure network for GHG observations. Environmental Research Letters 13(8): Article number 85003, 2018 (IF = 4,541)

5. Macháčová, K.; Bäck, J.; Vanhatalo, A.; Halmeenmäki, E.; Kolari, P.; Mammarella, I.; Pumpanen, J.; Acosta, M.; Urban, O.; Pihlatie, M.: Pinus sylvestris as a missing source of nitrous oxide and methane in boreal forest. Scientific Reports 6: Article Number 23410, 2016 (IF = 5,525)

6. Meijon, M.; Feito, I.; Oravec, M.; Delatorre, C.; Weckwerth, W.; Majada, J.; Valledor, L.: Exploring natural variation of Pinus pinaster Aiton using metabolomics: Is it possible to identify the region of origin of a pine from its metabolites? Molecular Ecology 25(4): 959-976, 2016 (IF = 6,232)

7. Rascher, U.; Alonso, L.; et al. (Hanuš, J., Pikl, M., Zemek, F.): Sun-induced fluorescence - a new probe of photosynthesis: First maps from the imaging spectrometer HyPlant. Global Change Biology 21(12): 4673–4684, 2015 (IF = 8,708)

8. Trnka, M.; Rötter, R.P.; Ruiz-Ramos, M.; Kersebaum, K.C.; Olesen, J.E.; Žalud, Z.; Semenov, M.A.: Adverse weather conditions for European wheat production will become more frequent with climate change. Nature Climate Change 4: 637–643, 2014 (IF = 14,472)

9. Večeřová, K.; Večeřa, Z.; Dočekal, B.; Oravec, M.; Tříska, J.; Urban, O.: Changes of primary and secondary metabolites in barley plants exposed to CdO nanoparticles. Environmental Pollution 218: 207–218, 2016 (IF = 5,008)

10. Wilcox, K.; Shi, Z.; Gherardi, L.; Lemoine, N.; Koerner, S.; et al. (Holub, P.): Asymmetric responses of primary productivity to precipitation extremes: A synthesis of grassland precipitation manipulation experiments. Global Change Biology Article number 13706, 2017 (IF = 8,502)


Deset nejvýznamějších publikací vytvořených externími uživately infrastruktury v letech 2015–2018:

1. Ač, A.; Malenovský, Z.; Olejníčková, J.; Gallé, A.; Rascher, U.; Mohammed, G.: Meta-analysis assessing potential of steady-state chlorophyll fluorescence for remote sensing detection of plant water, temperature and nitrogen stress. Remote Sensing of Environment 168: 420–436, 2015 (IF = 7,769)

2. Büntgen, U.; Wacker, L.; Galvan, D.; Arnold, S., et al.: Tree rings reveal globally coherent signature of cosmogenic radiocarbon events in 774 and 993 CE. Nature Communications 9: Article number 3605, 2018 (IF = 12,353)

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5. Goetz, M.; Guivarćh, A.; Hirsche, J.; Bauerfeind, M. A.; González, M.; et al.: Metabolic control of tobacco pollination by sugars and invertases. Plant Physiology 173: 984–997, 2017 (IF = 6,28)

6. Ilík, P.; Špundová, M.; Kučerová, Z.; Melkovičová, H.; et al.: Estimating heat tolerance of plants by ion leakage: a new method based on gradual heating. New Phytologist 2018(218): 1278–1287, Article number 3, 2018 (IF = 7,43)

7. Jones, M.J.; Koehler, A.; Trnka, M.; Balek, J.; et al.: Climate change is predicted to alter the current pest status of Globodera pallida and G. rostochiensis in the United Kingdom. Global Change Biology 23(11): 4497–4507, 2017 (IF = 8,502)

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